Wordsmiths at Play

Welcome to The Smithy, where The Cooler Minds let down their guard and bring you behind the scenes. Here, we talk about what we believe, what we are doing, and where we want to go.

We strive to say true things of great or passing interest about the world as we experience it. What might this mean?

Because language shapes experience and vice versa, we plan to talk about both. Sometimes we will show you what we do when we are not writing, and sometimes we will talk about what we believe about the act of writing. In the coming weeks, Anne will talk about her work in glass. John may share something from his scholarship in rhetoric or from his experiments in DIY Making.  Lisa is pondering a post on the importance of unloved words.

So hang around the doorway of The Smithy. We’ll let you see what we’ve forged before it’s cool.